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Vinyl Record Bookends

You'll love how these unique bookends adorn your ordinary bookshelves. Order now and get FREE shipping!
Vinyl Record Bookends

Vinyl Record Bookends - vinyl bookends for the music enthusiast add charm & warmth to any room. Music decor music bookends for music lovers.

Gifts for music lovers can be hard to find. These music themed bookends make great gifts and are sure to impress every time. Hit a high note and charm your home by making an ordinary bookshelf the centerpiece of the room with these music decor bookends. 

Combined with your wall decor, there's no better way to capture the essence of vintage vinyl than with vinyl record bookends for the music enthusiast add the perfect touch of charm & warmth to any room. You'll love how these unique bookends, made from authentic vinyl records, adorn your ordinary bookshelves.  

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★★★★★ I bought this for my aunt, who loves records. They came in a wonderfully creative package and the record bookends themselves were perfect! I'm very glad to have found this store. Thank you! Celeste M. 

Strike a real music note with two uniquely designed styles to choose from. Vinyl Record Bookends are great for office desks, kids rooms, entry ways, dressers, end tables, small shelves, just about anywhere you would like to keep books.

★★★★★ "Great addition to my library! Wonderful product! Great seller!" Erika

Order yourself a pair of these music decor bookends for your home and transform your room today. They'll make a great addition to a modern kitchen for those frequently used cookbooks or as a unique and memorable gift. These modern bookends are guaranteed to bring a smile, and more than a question or two.

Two styles to choose from:

- Full Size - Photos 1-5 - roughly 8 inches tall by 11 inches wide

- Mantle Size Photos 6-10 - meant to fit on a mantle or other small shelf. These are approximately 8 inches tall and 8 inches deep 

- Each pair (one order = one pair) are hand made from authentic vinyl records, the images shown are representative samples & your final product may vary slightly (i.e. record label, etc...). 

- Roughly 8" tall. Mantle style bookends are shown in photos are a folded design for added strength and to fit a smaller shelf.  

★★★★★ So awesome! They were shipped very quickly and look great. I cant wait to gift them to my fiancé. mascaramackenz  

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